Sloopy's is a family run casual joint with exceptional food. Some even say we've got the "best burger in town". We care that your food is good and your family is fed.

Sloopy's Vision

To become a one-of-a-kind restaurant in the Tri-Cities area where our customers are treated as family, relaxing in their own dining rooms, but providing them with an array of delicious food, highlighted by warm and genuine hospitality.

But when the folks do finally leave, we want them to feel refreshed and very special!

Mr. Sloopy

The Name?
Try Dessert A local contest winner picked it over 13 years ago and it's stuck ever since. And with it came our motto: "A dining experience you can hang on to". We know things are tough right now and we think it's important for you, our customers, to know what your're getting for a change. Good food at a fair price from people who care about you and value your business.

Mr. Sloopy
Mr. Sloopy

Steve? He's "Mr. Sloopy"! He's faster with his wit than he is with a spatula, but he's what makes Sloopy's feel like home. He's there pretty much everyday still making sure your attitude stays in check. Steve and Ben are constanly available to families that need prayer and hospital visits. You can find our contact info under the "contact us" tab.

Mr. Sloopy is a certified instructor with Life Foundations, Inc., a growing business in the Kingsport area. One of the classes he teaches helps young adults prepare for a job search by discovering their personality traits, strengths, while at the same time improving their people skills. Learn More »

The Rest of Us!
The Rest of Us

The rest of us? We're just hanging out here waiting for you. Nothing too fancy, really. Just good people serving good food and making your day better any way we can. Our homemade desserts sure help, too! See ya around dinner time. We'll be here.