Mr. Sloopy is a certified instructor with Life Foundations, Inc., a growing business in the Kingsport area. One of the classes he teaches helps young adults prepare for a job search by discovering their personality traits, strengths, while at the same time improving their people skills.

He has owned and operated Sloopy's restaurant for close to 15 years, and is available for counsel, free of charge, to anyone seriously seeking a good job. He offers coaching on the "do's" and "don't's" when seeking a job. And since Sloopy's requires a resume from a job applicant, he will show you how to prepare one that is "eye-catching", and persuasive.

Incidentally, people frequently ask him if Sloopy's is hiring. But that is the wrong question to ask since most successful businesses are either hiring, or would be interested in hiring an impressive applicant. You have to first "sell" yourself by explaining why anyone would want to hire you?

During your initial contact with a prospective employer, My. Sloopy says: "Never say, 'I need a job'." Rather, you have to convince an employer why he needs you during your opening statement.

According to Mr. Sloopy, many people are totally unprepared to compete for the good jobs during these harsh economic times. He says, "they just don't know how to sell themselves." And job seekers can loose a "golden" opportunity during the initial contact with a prospective employer.

Keep in mind that successful businesses, including Sloopy's are always recruiting. Also keep in mind you won't get a second chance to make a 1st impression

Mr. Sloopy is available for coaching and free advice at 378-5638